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"Melqui makes folk that transcends languages ​​and borders. Their debut LP, Your Smile, S’il Vous Plaît, invites reflection on themes such as identity, self-awareness, belonging, humor, and surrealism." - IndieHoy 


At first glance, the Amsterdam band Melqui offers gentle, chill, and romantic songs characterized by fingerpicked acoustic guitar and soothing vocals. The Latin grooves and vocal cadence, pay homage to frontman Lau Hochman's Argentinian and Portuguese heritage and evoke a blend of melancholy and summery imagery. However, the music quickly unveils itself with unexpected elements such as experimental textures, catchy guitar lines, deconstructed beats, and occasional fuzzed-out moments, crafting captivating contrasts.

The live band features an eclectic international lineup from the Netherlands, the US, Spain, and Israel, formally trained in Jazz and Classical Music at the Conservatory in Amsterdam, resulting in a unique and compelling musical journey that showcases their versatility and creativity.


Melqui's debut self-titled EP, released via Bloomer Records, was followed by a successful tour in the Netherlands, culminating with a release show in the Bovenzaal of Paradiso Amsterdam. They were also the support band for Erlend Øye on his Dutch tour dates this May and for the Argentinian band Cruzando el Charco. 

Melqui's last singles (Ojos Verdes, Enamore) received airplay in NPO 2 Soul and Jazz, KINK, and in Paradiso’s Summer Tips.

These were followed by a run of Dutch shows at Cinetol, De Nieuw Anita (Amsterdam), Paard Cafe (Den Haag), Surfana Fest (Bloemendaal) and Tivoli Vredenburg Open Stage (Utrech). Melqui’s curated sound and exceptional performance style are featured in their Debut Album and in their recent performances at U? Le Guess Who? 2023 and Paradiso Amsterdam.

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 "Beautiful songs! Love the melodies and chords.."

- Benny Sings

“Very lovely music. I am a fan.”

- Spinvis

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