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“Very beautiful music. I am a fan.”

- Spinvis

 "As an artist/producer Melqui has a unique vision, sound, and artistic approach. I believe they have a great future in the music industry."

- Attie Bauw

Melqui is a new Amsterdam-based band led by Argentinian composer, songwriter, and

multi-instrumentalist Lautaro “Lau” Hochman 


Lautaro formed the band while studying at the Amsterdam Conservatory with an eclectic bunch

from Korea (David Ko), Brazil (Gabriel de Oliveira), The Netherlands (Siebren Smink), the US (Sara Tompkins), Spain (Aniol Torrents), and Israel (Yoad Korach)

During the first Covid lockdown, while in isolation, Lautaro and David transformed their living room into a makeshift studio.

The other Melqui members came to record individually. The result is four Latin-inspired and indie-driven grooves that make up their debut EP, Melqui.  


The previous experience of Melqui's band members in Jazz, Free-improv, Classical music, and Pop provide the group with a unique approach to songwriting, arrangement, and production. 

Melqui led up to their first release with a series of concerts in the Netherlands, and an EP release show in the Bovenzaal of Paradiso Amsterdam.


 The 7-piece band marks its debut with a wistful kiss of a song. “Amarla,” via Bloomer Records, is the opening track for Melqui’s Debut EP, Melqui.


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