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Lautaro Hochman is a Composer and songwriter, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) currently living in Amsterdam (NL).


Lautaro creates pieces of music that are beautiful, quiet, and simple.


He makes instrumental compositions and writes songs with his band melqui.


Lautaro also likes to works with collaborators in interdisciplinary projects.


He graduated in Composition in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and has been given the opportunity to present his music in Muziekgebouw, Opera Forward Festival, and Gaudeamus Muziekweek. 


An open mind and with an acute analytic intelligence. His composition skills are already outstanding, in spite of his youth.

- Eurico Carrapatoso

Lautaro is very sensitive and intelligent and his music always strikes me for its authenticity and precision of expression

- Joël Bons

Very beautiful music, I am a fan

- Spinvis

 As an artist/producer he has a unique vision, sound and artistic approach.I believe Lautaro has a great future in the music industry,

- Attie Bauw

Even though Lautaro grew up in Europe, he was born on the other side of the pond. His paternal family crossed the Atlantic from Poland to Buenos Aires in the early 40s. His maternal family came from Burgos (ESP) after the Spanish civil war. His Dad, a theatre director, and his mom, a choreographer/dancer, met in the artistic climate of 1990s Buenos Aires. They fell in love and had two cats. Lautaro was born in 1999. When the financial crisis hit Argentina in 2001 his family moved to Lisbon (PT) and split up.


He started playing violin at six after his Dad told him he would be disappointed if Lau would become a lawyer. He gave it up four years later after cautious force-feeding of Beethoven's music.  After quitting, He started writing songs and compositions at the piano and guitar. His dad bought him an electric and his mom got him an acoustic. He studied jazz but he only liked it a little bit. 


He returned to the same old building he once played violin in at 15 when he found out about a composition course with Eurico Carrapatoso. With him, He discovered and shortly fell in love with score music. Debussy, Webern, Cage, Feldman, Part,  etc... He realized he liked all things quiet and bare. He moved to Amsterdam at 17 to study at the Conservatory with Joel Bons, Richard Ayres, and Wim Henderickx. 


In 2019 He fell in love with the films of Tarkovsky. The following year he fell in love with a Russian girl. After falling in love so many times he is a bit tired. He's happy when his music becomes part of people's daily lives. Listening to it in the car, at work, or in the shower. A musical object that can make someone's day a little brighter. 


In collaboration with Composer/Producer David Ko and Mixer Wessel Oltheten, Lautaro is currently finishing Melqui’s Debut EP. The songs in this EP were arranged and performed with the help of Jazz Musicians/Improvisers Siebren Smink, Yoad Crotch, and Sara Tompkins.

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